Oral presentations

  • In the programme each oral presentation has a duration of 20 minutes. The speaker should not use more than 15 minutes for the talk, leaving 5 minutes for a short discussion.
  • The recommended file type to be used for presentations is PowerPoint or Portable Document Format (PDF).
  • For technical and organizational reasons, it is not possible for speakers to use their own laptops for presenting, but only the computer provided in the conference room.
  • The available equipment will be a PC, a projector, pointer and microphones.
  • The presentation files should be brought on a USB, memory stick or a similar memory device.
  • Speakers are requested to upload their presentation on to the session PC and report to the session chair 15 minutes before the start of the session. All presentations must be in the corresponding room PC before the session starts. There will be no interruptions during the sessions to load late show presentations. It is strongly recommended that the speakers check the compatibility of their support material with the conditions available in the Session room, in order to avoid loss of time and efficiency during the presentations.
  • Please rename the file of your presentation with the code of your presentation, followed by an underscore and your last name (for example: H21-199_Miranda.pptx).